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StreamMachine.TV Content Moderation Policy

StreamMachine.TV is a platform designed to give video entrepreneurs a venue for making and creating content to support their businesses and customers. administrators moderate this platform to ensure all participants are safe from harassment and malicious, inflammatory and illegal content.

Content Policy

The following types of content are in violation of StreamMachine.TV content guidelines and will be removed without notice. Repeat offenders will be removed from the platform:

  • Adult Content
  • Content depicting illegal activity
  • Content depicting or advertising drugs, alcohol, or controlled substances
  • Violence
  • Hateful or profane content
  • Content demonstrating the use software that conducts invasive or illegal activities, including but not limited to, spyware, hacking, malware
  • Extreme Political content
  • Extreme Religious content
  • Copyrighted content

StreamMachine.TV reserves the right to make moderation decisions on content that falls outside of any of these specific categories.

Reporting Violations

To report content violations, users may use the flag icon under the video player, providing information as to how to video violates these guidelines. Please allow 72 hours for moderation of the report.

StreamMachine.TV makes no guarantee that a reported video will be removed.


This policy will be updated as necessary by StreamMachine.TV.