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Getting My Fast Facts - About Us - Tyler Technologies To Work

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Published on Jul 6, 2022
Facts We Should Know
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100 technology realities, what more might your inner-geek requirement ?! Innovation, ever-changing and ever-growing, brings us the future we've constantly pictured. But how did it get to where we are now? And where will it go next? Did you know that you could earn cash for discovering bugs with Facebook? Do you know the actual meaning of "Android"? Or just how much of the world's currency is digital? Find the responses to these tech concerns here! Prior to you start, here's a fast video with our 5 favorite facts from this list.

So without more ado, here are the leading 100 unexpected technology truths that you (most likely) didn't understand! The Firefox logo isn't a fox. There is a common misbelief that due to the fact that the web browser is called Firefox, the logo design should be a fox. Remarkably, the cute furry creature in the logo is actually a red panda! The first Apple logo design isn't what you would think.

It was developed back in 1976 and included an expression around the border that checked out "Newton, A mind permanently voyaging through unusual seas of thoughtalone". Appears kind of dark! Google rents goats. You read that right, instead of mowing their lawn, Google leas goats to consume the turf at their Mountain View headquarters.

The name for "robotic" has dark origins. If you look into the etymology of "robot," it originates from the Czech word "robota" which translates to forced labor or work. The word was initially utilized to describe a fictional humanoid in a play in 1920. The first-ever VCR was the size of a piano.

Way bigger than I would have guessed! Samsung is 38 years and 1 month older than Apple. Samsung was established as a supermarket on March 1, 1938, by Lee Byung-Chull. Apple Founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed Apple Computer system Inc. on April 1, 1976. A Petabyte is a lot of data.

3 years of HD-TV video. A 50 PB hard disk might hold the whole written works of mankind, from the start of documented history, in all languages. Domain name registration used to be free. Way back when individuals didn't recognize how big the internet would be, signing up a domain name was totally free until 1995.


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