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Facts and figures - Minerals Council South Africa for Dummies

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Published on Jul 7, 2022
Facts We Should Know
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It's no trick that mining is necessary to our economy, however I do not believe the majority of people recognize how crucial and incorporated the mining industry is in our everyday lives! Explore these mining realities to find out simply just how much mining affects your day-to-day regimen. For circumstances, did you know Every American uses an average of 40,000 pounds of new minerals each year.

Sadly, coal-flavored beer was not a hit. After more experimentation, the makers discovered that the unwanted gases might be eliminated by warming the coal in an airtight oven. Therefore, the discovery of the coke-making procedure, so essential to iron and steel! The next time you have a cold one, offer a toast to the Makers of the 1600s! Copper and Gold were the very first two metals found by man, with Copper dating back to 8,700 BC, per Wikipedia.

for salt? Out of all the components, Silver is the very best conductor and hence the reason it is used so greatly in technology. Silver is likewise a remarkable anti-bacterial. Little concentrations eliminate bacteria by chemically breaking down their cell membranes. Germs does not develop a resistance to silver! Zinc is the 4th most extensively consumed metal after iron, aluminum, and copper and is likewise crucial to the body for proper function and health.

(Zinc tablets to ward off colds!) Indium is a byproduct of zinc production and is also utilized in high technology applications from LCD screens to photovoltaic panels. Wyoming is the nation's leading coal-producing state. Who understood? Being on the Mining Team at JSG, I have had the pleasure of speaking with the guys and ladies in the industry and wish to extend a huge "Thank you", for all the tough work you do in keeping us in the way of lives we are accustomed to! If you're prepared to take the next action in your mining profession or hire your next team member, contact me today!.

?.!!. Mankind has had a long history of mining the earth for minerals, going back countless years. Today, virtually everything we engage with in our lives has actually somehow been made with mined minerals. Everything from tooth paste to electrical lorries and our smart devices includes something from the earth that was mined.


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