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9 Best Tape Measure For Woodworkers: Reviews and Guide

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Published on Mar 15, 2023
While it may sound like an average tool to most of us, a tape measure is one of the essential devices for woodworkers. Yet, locating the best tape measures may be challenging, especially when shopping online. For starters, pick a tape measure that is flexible, accurate, and easy to use. This article includes the best tape measure for woodworkers and a buyer’s guide. Our Top Picks 9 Best Tape Measure For Woodworkers Reviews 1. Best Overall Woodworking Tape Measure – Komelon SM5425 Speed Mark Tape Measure Komelon has cemented its reputation as the most convenient tape measure for woodworkers. This rubber-coated tape measure features an 8m/ 5ft steel blade. The 25mm wide blade offers a reliable standout of 9ft. The tape measure offers a good deal for woodworkers needing an accurate and compact measuring tape. Besides its compact size, it weighs about 1.06 pounds only and features a belt clip. Moreover, you can rely on the acrylic-coated blade to provide accurate measurements. So, this tool will come in handy whether you’re on a professional woodworking project or a hobby. You’ll also appreciate its ergonomic design. The design makes the Komelon Speed Mark tape measure easier to handle. Besides being satisfying to work with, this product incorporates a metric system. Moreover, the tool features end hooks that are triple-riveted. The tool also features reliable belt clips that remain in place. As a result, you needn’t worry about the tool falling or moving once you attach the clip to your belt. What We Liked Most Compact size and weight 
Ergonomic design 
It provides accurate measurements What Could Be Improved Tang lacks versatility 
Weak blade self-retraction 2. Best Digital Carpenter Tape Measure – General Tools LTM1 2-In-1 Laser Tape Measure General Tools LTM1 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measure, LCD Digital Display, 50’ Laser Measure, 16’ Tape Measure, Gray VERSATILE: The Laser Tape Measure combines a 50ft laser measurer with a 16ft tape measure
ONE BUTTON: Simple, one button operation enables fast and easy long distance laser measurements
MEASURE FASTER and FURTHER: Measure up to 50-feet with the laser, and measure twice as far as a standard 25ft. tape measure
PRECISE: Measures distances accurately up to 50-feet to within 1/4-inch
COMPACT SIZE: Portable and compact size easily fits in your hand and can hang on a belt This tool features a laser pointer and digital display. Besides being versatile, the device features intriguing features that blow your mind. While analog tape measures incorporate a single way of measurement, this digital measuring tape offers two ways. This includes a tape and a laser that you can use to measure distances. With the laser, you can measure up to a distance of 50 feet. The tape measures up to 16 feet. With its ease of use, this tape measure is great for operating independently. I use the tape measure for short distances, while the laser suits longer distances better. Another perk of this measuring tool is its advanced precision and excellent accuracy. Moreover, when using laser tape measures, you’ll read the accurate measurement on the LCD screen. Also, this is an easy-to-use digital measuring tape. All you’ve got to do is push the red button, which activates the laser. Don’t push the button if you wish to measure manually using digital tape measures. Doing so activates the laser. You’ll want to push the red button once and find your target for longer distances. Then, upon locating your target, push the button again, and the distance will display on the LCD screen. Also, at the end of the tape measure, you’ll find a hook that helps to keep the tape steady when the device is in use. I recommend this device to hobbyists and professional woodworkers needing a versatile and tech-savvy measuring tape. What We Liked Most Includes both a laser and tape measure
Compact size and weight
Suitable for measuring both long and short distances
Versatile What Could Be Improved Requires proper care and maintenance
The LCD screen isn’t waterproof 3. Best Budget Tape Measure For Carpentry – Fastcap PSSR25 Lefty/Righty Tape Measure If you’re looking for a compact and affordable measuring tape for your woodworking needs, the FastCap tape measure is the way to go. Suited for both right- and left-handed people, this durable measuring tape is a must-have tool for any woodworker. Also, to offer reliable accuracy, the device comes with a pencil sharpener and an erasable notepad. This allows you to write down the m...


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