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What Grit Sandpaper to Remove Paint from Wood?

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Published on Mar 18, 2023
Repainting wood and giving it a new look begins with removing the old paint. Sanding is one of the popular ways to remove paint and sometimes the first option. However, entering a hardware store to purchase sandpaper could sometimes get confusing. Knowing the right sandpaper to use to get a flawless and good finish could seem stressful. Well, the good news is that this article will help you know what grit sandpaper to use and how you can use it. You can see this as a guide to your next successful home DIY. So, what grit sandpaper to remove paint from wood? Let’s find out! What Grit Sandpaper to Remove Paint from Wood? A 40 to 60-grit sandpaper can be used to remove paint from wood. Starting with sandpaper in lower grits gives you more control over the entire sanding process before using high grit sandpaper. For a second round of sanding to clean more paint residue, you can use 80-120 grit sandpaper. Types of Sandpaper Used to Remove Paint  Various types of sandpaper are classified based on the kind of grit they have. This will help you select the appropriate sandpaper grit size in numbers. They are described below: Extra coarse sandpaper The name of this sandpaper already suggests that its surface is very rough. It effectively removes thick coats of paint or varnish from wood. In grits, it ranges between 40-60 grit sandpaper as it is the coarsest grit. It is advised to start with this kind of sandpaper when removing paint. Coarse sandpaper This also has a rough surface but is not rough enough to remove thick layers of paint. It is used mainly on softer wooden surfaces like cabinets and tables. The coarse sandpaper can also be used to remove wood primers- base coat for paint, from wood. Medium coarse sandpaper This type of sandpaper falls in between coarse and fine sandpapers. It is suitable for sanding down and removing light coats of paint or varnish. The 80-120 grit sandpapers are medium coarse in texture. Fine sandpaper From its name, this sandpaper has fine grits. It is available in the 120-220 grit sandpapers. For most DIYs, fine grit sandpaper is the best grit for wood before painting . For instance, this sandpaper is suitable for use if you have to sand between coats while painting for a smooth finish. Steel wool can be used as a substitute for this kind of sandpaper. Extra fine sandpaper This sandpaper has a smooth feel, making it effective for polishing wood. It ranges from 220-500 grit sandpapers. However, it is not an option for removing paint but can be used for final sanding before a new coat of stain or paint is applied to the wood surface. Tools to Sand Paint off Wood using Grit Sandpaper  You might wonder why you need additional tools when you have the sandpaper already. The hands are commonly used for sanding; however, when you need to remove paint off several wood surfaces, you would want help. Here are some tools that can make you work easier and more effectively: Orbit Sander DEKOPRO Random Orbit Sander 2.5A with 16Pcs Sandpapers, 6 Variable Speed 14000RPM Electric Sander, 5 Inches Hand Sander Tool, High Performance Dust Collection System, Fit for Woodworking/Sanding 【Powerful Operating System 6 Various Speed】Our random orbit sander has 6 various speed,the speed dial allows you to increase or decrease the speed from 7,000-14,000 orbits per minute to different applications and materials.More comfortable rubber grip design, which can reduce hand fatigue. Low vibration and noise can help you concentrate on your work.
【16 Pcs Sandpapers Magic Tape】Our hand sander equipped with 5-inch 16 pcs , included 3 pcs 60 mesh, 1 pcs 80 mesh, 3 pcs 120 mesh,3 pcs 240 mesh, 3 pcs 400 mesh and 3 pcs 1000 mesh sandpapers.It can meet your different applications of sanding, smoothing out wood, removing paint, varnish, polish, stains, blemishes, polishing, etc. With Hook and loop(magic tape) sanding pad design and it is easier to replace sandpaper.
【Pad brake】 These sanders are equipped with a pad brake that prevents over-speeding of the pad. If the tool is lifted off the work surface while the motor is running, the brake will limit pad rotation to no more than 500 OPM.The plastic pad brake is used to provide the braking action.
【Transparant Detachable Dust Bag】 The dust bag adopts a unique transparent design and it is easy to disassemble and install,which is convenient for you to pay attention to dust at any time when sanding and clean it in time to effectively avoid dust clogging.The dust container has a a mi...


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