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Published on Jul 20, 2023
The altitude hold feature is very useful for steady flight. It allows me to easily control the drones height without worrying about it dropping suddenly.
The headless mode is also a great feature, especially for beginners like me. It helps to eliminate any confusion about which direction the drone is facing.
The two batteries that come with the drone are a big bonus. It means I can have longer flying sessions without having to wait for one battery to recharge.
Each battery lasts about 9-10 minutes, which is a decent amount of time considering its size. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to learn how to fly this drone.
Within just a few minutes, I was able to gain full control of it. The controls are responsive and intuitive, making it a breeze to maneuver in any direction.
Even kids can easily learn how to operate it. One of the standout features of this drone is the ability to change the LED lights blinking setting. The blue and green lights add a cool, vibrant touch to the flying experience.
Its fun to experiment with different light patterns and create a personalized look for the drone. The quality of the materials used in this drone is impressive.
It feels sturdy and well-built, ensuring that it can withstand minor crashes and bumps. The extra four blades and tools included for replacement are a thoughtful addition.
It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have spare parts readily available. The propeller full protection is a standout feature for me. This drone is specifically designed with heavy rings that surround all four blades.
This provides a layer of protection and prevents the blades from getting damaged while flying indoors. Its a thoughtful design feature that adds to the durability of the drone.
The colorful LED lights make this drone a visual delight, especially when flown in the evening. Its a great way to capture the attention of kids and add excitement to their flying experience.
I can imagine how cool it would be to have multiple drones with different LED colors flying together in sync. Mastering the control of this drone doesnt take long.
Within just two minutes of practice, I was able to get the hang of it. It responds quickly to my commands, allowing for precise navigation and smooth flights.
The learning curve is minimal, making it accessible for beginners. The enclosed and protected blade design is a huge advantage, especially for those who are concerned about accidents or injuries.
The blades are safely tucked away within the protective covering, minimizing the risk of any mishaps. However, its important to note that due to its lightweight nature, its best not to fly the drone in windy conditions.
This drone is the perfect choice for indoor flying. Its compact size and agile maneuverability make it ideal for navigating tight spaces.
Whether its zooming through hallways or performing tricks in the living room, this drone is designed to excel in confined areas. The altitude hold feature is a game-changer.
It ensures that the drone maintains a steady height, allowing for smoother flights and better control. This feature comes in handy, especially when trying to capture aerial footage or perform precise maneuvers.
I appreciate the inclusion of a headless mode in this drone. It eliminates the need to constantly adjust the drones orientation in relation to the remote control.
This makes it easier to navigate, especially for beginners who may find it challenging to keep track of the drones front and back. The compact and lightweight design of this drone makes it highly portable.
I can easily toss it into a backpack or carry it in my hand without any hassle. This means I can take it with me on trips, picnics, or any outdoor adventure, ensuring that I can always enjoy a fun flying experience.
The battery life of this drone is impressive, considering its size. With two batteries included, I can enjoy longer flights without interruptions. Each battery lasts around 9-10 minutes, which is more than enough to satisfy my flying needs.
Charging the batteries is also quick and convenient. Setting up and getting the drone ready for flight is a breeze. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, even for those who have no prior experience with drones.
Within a few minutes, I was able to assemble the drone and start flying it without any difficulty. The propellers of this drone are efficient and powerful.
They provide enough thrust and lift to ensure stable flight, even in indoor settings. The dro...


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