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Can Hypnosis Help With Pain Management Philadelphia PA

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John Piacentino
Published on Sep 9, 2023
Can Hypnosis Help With Pain Management Philadelphia PA

Happy Possibilities Hypnosis
860 E Swedesford Rd Bldg, 2nd Flr
Wayne, PA 19087
(267) 593-5557

Happy Possibilities Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy Service Wayne PA 19087

Does hypnosis work for pain management?
Hypnosis may be a helpful non-drug therapy to reduce pain in chronic conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. Studies show that more than 75% of people with arthritis and related diseases experience significant pain relief using hypnosis.

Can hypnosis help with chronic nerve pain?
Hypnosis treatment is able to relieve chronic neuropathic and musculoskeletal pain. Hypnosis treatment yielded moderate effect on pain intensity and pain interference.

How can hypnosis be used with our experience of pain?
Hypnosis allows you to alter perception, to narrow the focus of attention. It also allows you to detach yourself from concerns that might amplify the pain. Using functional MRI, we've found that, during hypnosis, a part of the brain called the salience network is less active.

People typically tend to think of hypnosis as some kind of circus act. This cannot help though since there is so much hype regarding its use. But did you know that it can be a viable and natural way for managing pain? This is very much apparent in monks practicing a form of hypnosis coupled in their religious beliefs enabling them to perform rituals that involves so much pain that it can be considered as simply impossible for any normal person to do.

Indeed the use of hypnosis for conquering pain isn't new. Ancient cultures had been able to use it to settle their minds and achieve a sense of focus that enables them to put aside any sensations of pain or discomfort. This is certainly true regardless if the hypnotism was self induced or initiated by somebody else. Through this level of hypnosis, it is believed that it's entirely possible to shut down our bodies' sensations of pain.

Peggy Smith is a Registered nurse who combines traditional hypnosis techniques with healthy nutritional counseling, tailored to specific health issues as well as helping her clients stop smoking plus other services.

With her gentle hypnosis techniques she can also help with stress management/life balance techniques as well as pain and weight management.

Services Offered: (other services listed but not listed here)
Hypnosis for Pain Management and Opioid Addiction

Smoking Cessation
Hypnosis has been a successful option for many clients wanting to quit.

Stress manage/ Life Balance techniques
Stressed out? Life out of control? Hypnosis may be a solution!

Hypnosis for pain management
Learn hypnosis techniques to management pain issues without, or as an adjunct to traditional management. I specialize in cancer pain management, and will go to patients who cannot travel to office in King of Prussia / Wayne location.

Hypnosis services for weight management
Registered nurse combines traditional hypnosis techniques with healthy nutritional counseling, tailored to specific health issues.

Hypnosis can be a safe effective tool for pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, motivational coaching and so much more.

Call Peggy for a complimentary consultation (267) 593-5557


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